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PURCHASE PROPOSITION The present purchase proposition is to be intended irrevocable for the buyer and it is subject to GCDS SRL or GCDS ASIA SRL approval. The purchaser can resign from this contract within 15 days from contract date.

CANCELLATION GCDS SRL or GCDS ASIA SRL has the right to terminate at any time (even after having sent the order confirmation) the execution of the order without owing anything to the purchaser for damages or other.
If :

  • The purchaser’s solvency results insufficient
  • Technical or acquisition difficulties will not permit the orders execution 

  • Purchaser’s commercial behaviour will devaluate the image of the brand 

DELIVERY TERMS GCDS SRL or GCDS ASIA SRL guarantees that the goods will be available for pick up within 30 days (thirty days) from the order confirmation date. 

SHIPMENT AND TRANSPORT All international shipments will follow EX WORKS shipping terms.
The purchaser is fully responsible of the goods once they leave our warehouse. 

CLAIMS Any claims, specially for quality, should be reported within 15 days from the receipt of the goods (Art.1495 Civil Code). All returns without written vendor’s autorisation will be refused. 

SIZES All orders show Italian/French sizing. 

MATERIALS The sales of the goods is to be intended concluded and accepted on the samples displayed, with normal tolerance on minor variations and without guarantee when special materials is required.

PAYMENTS In case partial payment of the goods is not received, GCDS SRL or GCDS ASIA SRL is authorised to cancel every other shipment and request the down payment of the sold goods. In addition, the purchaser will be resigned from the benefits of the terms. Any delay in payments will entitle the sales Rep. to consider the purchaser resigned from the benefits of the terms and, consequently, to demand the prompt settlement of any balance, outstanding and to discontinue further delivery.

ONLINE Clients should respect the geo-prices that the Sales Repo. will send them.

COMPETENT JURISDICTION This contract is regulated by Italian Law and the Buyer recognizes exclusive italian Jurisdiction. Any dispute stemming from the performance of interpretation of this contract shall be referred only to the court of Milan, to the exclusion of any competing jurisdiction. GCDS SRL or GCDS ASIA SRL reserves any right, in any event , to refer any dispute to the jurisdiction adhered to by the buyer, applying, in that event, the law in force in the State in which it operates.

RETAIL The retail of goods on page 1 should only take place in the locatioon and shop indicated on the order.